= Eclipse IDE and Collaboration Tools Installation =

1. Installing the Eclipse IDE

Visit the Eclipse Homepage

Note: You may need Java Runtime Enviroment to run Eclipse, you can find it here

2. Adding the SVN Plugin

Visit the Subclipse Instructions

3. Installing MyLyn to sync Trac Ticket work requests

  • Open Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) or later
  • Select Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install ...
  • In the dialog window choose "Select New Features to Install"; then click "Next"
  • Select the checkbox next to "Europa Discovery Site"; then click "Finish"
  • Select a Mirror
  • Open the Europa Discovery Site list of Packages that shows up and select MyLyn; Agree To The Terms: Click Next; Click Finish
  • Agree to Install All despite some packages not being signed
  • Agree to restart Eclipse

4. Restart Eclipse

  • I suggest creating a folder called Workspace in your root directory
  • Select this folder
  • Open the view "SVN Repository Exploring"
  • Configure the view to see SVN and Task Repositories
  • Add your repositories