Guaranteed Network Services for small businesses

A different approach that changes everything.  Now.

At the start  

·        We begin with a free security and performance audit of your PCs and networks conducted by certified, senior engineers.
We need to know the issues in your network, and so do you.


Need cost effective server care? Take you pick!

The Hosted Server Service

·         Never buy new server hardware again

·         Never pay for a server to be reinstalled / reconfigured again

·         Never worry about backup again
regardless of the amount of data, you are backed up!!! 

·         Never worry about the security of your server and its data.

·         The lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Savings can be significant.

·         Just enjoy continuous reliability, service, and security.


Proactive Server Maintenance

·         A team of senior engineers plans and manages the server proactively so as to anticipate and prevent most problems.

·         Monitoring gives us continual reporting on your network.

·         Online backup protects your data automatically.

Smarter, easier, better!
SureTech thinks different in all these ways as well.

·         Managed Antivirus  (Never even think about it again!)

·         Email Filtering   (Spam, viruses, efraud never get to you!)

·         Exchange email and other tools with guaranteed

·         Guaranteed server and network reliability.

And more.  All tailored to your business and your .eeds


Our experience .  .  . has been wonderful.  They have met our needs with efficiency, competence and of utmost importance been very supportive and knowledgeable in assisting us meet those needs.

Program Coordinator, Family Practice Residency at Capitol Health Systems



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