Referral Program Agreement


  1. This agreement “Referral Program”  outlines the terms for awarding compensation  "Referral Bonuses" for the referral of new clients "Referral Clients" to, Inc "STI" by non-employee participants in the Referral Program "Referral Agents;"
  2. All Referral Bonuses will be exclusively based on the total number of subscriber users, "Seats," per client referred to STI;
  3. The Referral Bonus amount is $50 per Seat
  4. A Referral Bonus will be due under this Referral Program for each Referral Client upon the Referral Client's third consecutive invoice paid in full;
  5. The number of Seats will be calculated as the number unique users that utilize two or more STI subscriptions products such as HelpDesk, remote monitoring, AntiVirus, Email, Backup or any other STI subscription solution whether those products are bundled as one fee or itemized as separate fees.
  6. The Referral Program applies only to new customers and does not include sales to existing customers or prospective customers with whom STI has independently corresponded within 3 months prior to any Referral;
  7. Referral Agents must be registered and approved by STI in advance and may not be employees or contractors of STI;
  8. Referral Agent participation in the Referral Program may be ended by STI at any time without notice;
  9. STI reserves the right to determine compliance with the terms of the Referral Program and the amount of Referral Fees due, if any, at it's sole and exclusive discretion and offers no appeal to it's final decision;
  10. Referral Bonuses are due to be paid to the Referral Agent within 30 days of STI's receipt of the third monthly invoice paid in full.